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$20 Challenge: Italy

I challenge you to be the ONE that makes the difference! Donate $20 to show you CARE

Help us – Help them – Help You

The Corona Virus Pandemic is both an international as well as national challenge and we can not reach out to everyone individually; but together we can reach out to many more. By accepting this challenge today, you will be helping the following organizations make an impact in the fight against Covid-19.

Thank you for accepting this challenge!


Share this video and donation link when challenging others

Video link

Donation link

Example message 
Dear NamePlease have a look at this video and accept my challenge: https://1world1challenge.org/project/italy

Our causes

These 3 NGO’s are in the frontline in the fight against Covid-19

Urgent aid to those in conflict zones

Geneva (ICRC) – It will be nearly impossible to fight COVID-19 in countries already devastated by conflict unless a concerted response by states and humanitarian organizations... Read More

Covid-19 Resources INTERNATIONAL

Médecins Sans Frontières teams are racing to respond to the COVID-19 pandemic in over 70 countries, including opening projects in new countries as they become pandemic hotspots... Read More

COVID-19 Useful Resources

The Salvation Army of Greater New York has currently run out of funding for rent/utility/mortgage assistance. As part of their long term recovery plan, we are seeking additional funding... Read More

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