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$20 Challenge

I Marcelo Challenge YOU to be one of those who care. A $20 donation will help many

Help us – Help them – Help You

Your donation will ensure that we can maintain our service to everyone.

We will share parts of the donations with Brazil foundation in action.

Thank you for accepting this challenge!

I Marcelo Challenge YOU to be one of those who care.  A $20 donation will help many



Share this video and donation link when challenging others

Video link

Donation link

Example message 
Dear NamePlease have a look at this video and accept my challenge: https://1world1challenge.org/project/yogui

Our causes

These 3 NGO’s are in the frontline in the fight against Covid-19

Urgent aid to those in conflict zones

Geneva (ICRC) – It will be nearly impossible to fight COVID-19 in countries already devastated by conflict unless a concerted response by states and humanitarian organizations... Read More

Covid-19 Resources INTERNATIONAL

Médecins Sans Frontières teams are racing to respond to the COVID-19 pandemic in over 70 countries, including opening projects in new countries as they become pandemic hotspots... Read More

COVID-19 Useful Resources

The Salvation Army of Greater New York has currently run out of funding for rent/utility/mortgage assistance. As part of their long term recovery plan, we are seeking additional funding... Read More

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